Your new sex toy has arrived and it’s time to take it out of its packaging!






Get familiar with your new toy

Once you have taken your toy out of its packaging take a good look at it. Grab the instructions and get to know its functions and controls and depending on the power source you may need to learn how the batteries are placed or where the charge cord connects.

Most vibrators have the battery compartment at the bottom of the toy and will indicate which way the batteries are to be inserted. For rechargeable toys the user manual will tell you how to connect the charge cord and for how long it needs to be charged before use. 20191014-142420.jpg

Get in the mood

Get yourself comfortable and don’t forget the lubricant if you feel you need it, especially if this is your first time using a sex toy.

Silicone based lubricants are not recommended for silicone toys but water based lubricants are a safer option to help get the longest life out of your toy.

Ease into it

Start by turning your toy on and experimenting with the different levels of intensity, if you want to dive right into that’s great, if not start off slow on a low setting and work your way up from there. You can test your toy out on other erogenous zones before moving to your special spots.


If you’re an expert with a sex toy need we say more? If you’re a beginner or new to a certain type of toy you can try angling the toy in certain directions or varying the pressure placed on your body with the toy. If the toy is too intense try reducing the pressure or using it next to your genitals until you want to increase the sensation.

For internal stimulation with a sex toy you can slowly insert the toy rather than going deep straight away and experiment with internal pressure as you go. If both you and your partner are new to sex toys then the same applies, work up to deep penetration as you both feel ready.

Get creative

After you have tried your toy out and became familiar with its capabilities why not try using your toy in a different room or in a different position. Some toys are waterproof so water and bath play is another great way to use your toy! Or have your partner use the toy on you and tell them when they are doing a good job!

After use

After you have finished with your toy be sure to clean it thoroughly with a good toy cleaner or with some warm water if your toy is waterproof. Refer to the manufacturers cleaning instructions if in doubt.

You can dry your toy using a clean soft lint-free cloth or by letting it air dry completely before storing it away.

When storing multiple toys together try to store them so they don’t touch each other, this will avoid toys deteriorating especially if your toy is made from materials such as rubber, jelly or other porous toy materials. There are toy storage cases on the market especially for this purpose or hidden away in a drawer is good too.

 If your are in need of any advice or help using your toy please don't hesitate to get in touch via out Contact Us page and we'd be glad to help!

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