About Us

The coronovirus has changed life completey forever.  In these times we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones, including our pets.  I have dedicated my superpowers for the good of the masses.  I have scoured the net to bring you awesome deals on the things that will make life much more comfortable for them and for yourself.


STAY HOME.  SAVE LIVES.  Help stop coronavirus
1  STAYhome as much as you can
2  KEEPa safe distance
3  WASHhands often
4  COVERyour cough
5  SICK?Call ahead
Ensure you have the proper PPE!
1.  Gloves
2.  Masks
Be sure the sizes are correct for all that you have to protect.  Get kid sizes, female sizes, and men sizes, its very important.
Dont forget that pets, are seriously affected as well!
1.  Dont let your cat out!
    a) Have inside activities for them
    b) Have a window accessible at all times
    c) Make it as comfortible as posible for them
    d) Remove foreign objects from the teeth, fur, and claws
2.  Keep you dog calm and clean
    a) Walk them for excersize
    b) Clean them after coming from outside
    c) Use a body harness when walking or ristricting them
    d) Remove foreign objects from the teeth, fur, and claws